“When people ask me how the first year of marriage went, one of the first things I usually say (besides it’s awesome and my husband is incredible) is how grateful I am for Household. Household prepared me for marriage more than any wedding prep ever could. In Household you’re sharing meals, praying together, cleaning, cooking - this is what married life looks like! Day in and day out calling each other on to holiness and accountability, praying for one another, inviting people over, celebrating the Lord’s Day, resolving conflict, supporting each other. Although I was able to choose my husband and in household I didn’t choose my roommates, both required a commitment. Household was one year of for better or worse. Marriage is for life. When dishes aren’t washed, habits become annoying, or I’m tired and don’t want to pray, I’m given a choice to love. Learning to share life with a different person is really tough; they grate on your nerves, they make mistakes, you make mistakes, they see you in the good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s beautiful, amazing, hard, and you can’t hide. You have to choose to love each other even when you wake up like a bear with a horrible hair day. Household taught me patience, commitment, unconditional love, and how to share daily life. Marriage is giving me the chance to grow in those things for the rest of my life. “ [Loretta W., SPO Alum & SPO Staff]

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SPO Household equips young Catholics to live out the call to holiness in their daily lives. Living the Household way of life fosters growth in selfless love and service through daily personal prayer, regular meals, weekly chores, and evangelistic outreach. We learn formation in Christian living and mission day in and day out, and the habits we form now will last a lifetime. 

Here more testimonies like this and find out about the nitty gritty details of Household life on Sunday, March 4th, at the SPO Women's Houe: 5028 Lydia Ave KCMO.